Lockout Stations

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Padlock Lockout Stations

Virtually Indestructible, the Strongest Stations Available

  • Integrated, one-piece molded construction eliminates loose parts
  • Resilient polycarbonate material provides twice the heat resistance and quadruple the impact strength of typical stations
  • Reinforced snap-lock clips provide easy padlock and hasp storage and removal
  • Exclusive translucent cover protects contents
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Padlock and Device Lockout Stations

Wall mounted stations conveniently locate all lockout devices and padlocks in an easily accessible location

  • Exclusive Safety Series Valve and Electrical Lockout Devices hang or sit in a tray along with the lockout padlocks
  • Features Master Lock lightweight 410 Xenoy Safety Series Padlocks, designed exclusively for OSHA lockout compliance
  • Includes Safety Series heavy-duty Do Not Operate lockout ID tags with brass grommets
  • Key Resignation included to record and track all key codes in your facility. (End-User Registration number must be provided on all future orders). Helps ensure compliance with OSHA directive One Employee, One Lock, One Key.