Electrical Lockout

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Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout

Greatest Hold Strength Combined with Universal Fit

  • Secure and simple mounting for a solid lockout. Grips tight with simple thumb turn and clamping handle. The Grip Tight Circuit Breaker lockout offers superior holding power.
  • Exclusive design accommodates virtually all styles of breaker toggles

Model 491B is appropriate for tall and wide breaker toggles Model 493B for standard height and tie-bar toggles Model 506 is a set of both devices Narrow profile permits side-by-side breaker toggles.

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Universal Wall Switch Lockout

Locks out both toggle and Decora paddle wall switches

  • Patent-pending design assures switch is locked on or off
  • Hinges open for unobstructed normal operation of switch
  • Includes English/ Spanish and English/ French Labels

Circuit Breaker Switch Padlock

Provides the Flexibility to Effectively Lock Out Breaker Switches

  • 3/16″ diameter cable shackle allows padlock to properly lockout devices
  • Flexible cable allows the compact lock body to be positioned so that the control panel door closes properly
  • Fits the tight space constraints within circuit breaker shutoff boxes