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Shippers, freight depots and on the road city drivers…Cubetape delivers correct dimensional weight (volumetric weight) calculations in one go.

Portable, pocket sized and easy to use, Cubetape collects item and dimensional data, integrates seamlessly into existing applications to give accurate shipping costs for all freight types. solving the problem of back charges.

Shipping & Receiving
Parcel dimensioning

Worldship and FedEX supported volumetric weight calculator.  Control of your shipping costs.  Back charge protection for shippers.

Terminals & Depots
Pallet dimensioning

30% productivity gains with our mobile and flexible dimensioner.  Scan and calculate volumetric weight anywhere, no forklift required.

City Drivers & Couriers
Freight dimensioning

Drivers build relationships. City drivers calculate volumetric weight while waiting for the fork truck.  Stop back charge disputes.


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