Barcode Scan Strips

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Equipment for the FRONT of shelf.

Scanstrip is possibly THE most important part of any retail shelf.

Scanstrip displays the price, pack / promotional, product codes / barcodes along with point of sale and promotional information.  For optimal results the correct Scanstrip needs to be selected for the job.

When selecting Scandstrip consider the following:
  • Type of Adhesive required
  • Size of ticket to be used
  • Angle required
  • Does it need to flip up to avoid damage
  • If non adhesive, does it need to hang, clip on or flex
  • Colour required
  • Length required – does it need to be cut to size
  • Location – is it in a high heat area, freezer, dusty or greasy area
  • Does it need to hold temporary special tickets on the front
  • Does it need to be custom made 


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