OJ Pro 344M

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Quality Performance with Powerful Features.

The OJ Pro 344M industrial thermal printer is designed to offer the right features at the best value in the industry. Its low profile, quiet operation and fast label throughput is equally at home in the office or on the shop floor. Featuring all-metal construction, it is durable enough to withstand tough production environments.

Standard features include 2MB DRAM memory, 1MB FLASH memory a front peel mechanism, and an easy to read LCD display. Popular options include a user installed peel-off sensor, stand-alone keyboard, cutter module and an internal Ethernet adaptor that makes integrating into networked systems a snap.

The OJ Pro 344M delivers 4” print width, 203 DPI (8-dots/mm) resolution, 6 IPS performance, and full 8″ OD roll media handling capability.

The OJ Pro 344M delivers 4″ print width 300 DPI (12 dots/mm) resolution, 4” per second speed and a full 8″ roll media handling capability.

Features include:

  • LCD display control panel
  • Easily adjustable sensors
  • Print head pressure adjustment knobs
  • Unique ribbon handler design allows the printer to emulate popular printer languages
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • Up to 8MB FLASH memory expansion
  • Fast Label throughput

Popular options include:

  • Affordable cutter module
  • Internal Ethernet adaptor for networked environments
  • Present sensor
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